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electric guitar - guitar schematics

  1. Guitar inside Guitar coils, switching system inside guitar, HumBucker and Single Coils drawings, schematics. GUITAR INSIDE. Schematics with Swithing HB, SC, Spliting, Phase reversing in Strat (R), Tele (R), Ibanez, Gibson, Rickenbacker and more.
  2. Guitar outside Archive gallery with most popular guitar brand... From 2000 till now.
  3. Guitar effects Converting a guitar sound! Guitar pedals schematics (stomp boxes drawings). Modulation, distortion, reverbation, phasing and moore guitar Effects.
  4. Preamps Between a POWER and Guitar. Have you got good Professional Amlifier without guitar input? Have you got only Line Input? You can Build Proffesional guitar preamp for reply for your problems.
  5. Amplifiers Amplifiers of the best companies in the world. Laneys, Marshalls, Mesas, Riviera, Soldano and more... If you have got problem with sound, recognising a spoiled Tube in your AMP. You can search our database to find schematic you want.
  6. End stage End stages of power amplifier. Selection of special construction of amps. You can use this schematic to build external POWER amplifier to PIMP number of WATTS to Your Speakers. You can use this amps to cooperate with your preamp or guitar sound processor like Zoom G1, G2...
  7. Speakers Guitar speakers database - best guitar speaker catalogues. You can show Impedance and Thiele-Small parameters for guitar. These speakers you can build into your Combo or Case.
  8. Games


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