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Guitar games

Long time I have been looking for good guitar game. I needed game different than normal Guitar Hero with 5 coloured buttons. Connect your guitar to your PS5 or PC. Please visit that page:

Good sites (companies, manufacturers and distributors):


There's links to most popular guitar manufacturers. It's not a great database, but you can seee all new gear from final guitar builders.

Hi-Fi audio, DIY

Grupa Fender Gibson Ibanez Mayones (PL) Cort Jackson Musicman PRS Jackson Kramer BCRich Charvel Rickenbacker Peavey NEXUS GUITARS Ran Guitars Kamecki art

Guitar specifications and tests - most powerfull database wit guitar tests by normal users

PA Powerfull polish Amps

MADE IN POLAND - polskie wzmacniacze estradowe dużych mocy - amps, PA gear, speakers, microphonesand more stuff - head, amps, PA, guitar bas equipment

Web Portals and magazines - Top Guitar - polish magazine by MusicPresse.

Amplification, eads, combos and more like that

Guitar service. - building a amps and conservation of old one -manufacture of guitar cases - Marshall online center - MesaBoogie - something like over but named MesaBoogie not Marshall. = Amp from Soldano

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