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Guitar electronics archive !

Welcome into the GUITAR's archive, blog and website Schematics, drawings, gallery or some kind of crappy webplace about, photos and tabulatures of guitar and bass.

Kill Switch - how it's made

Theory and practice of putting kill switch into your guitar.

Why guitar works as electric signal generator?

Electromagnetic signals from strings are covered by field of magnets inside of pickups. The pickups are like single, dual or more coils are "watching" vibrations of strings and by the guitar electronics pass signal to output of guitar. The most popular pickups are magnetic. The different kind of pickup are Piezo type. Piezo is often use in accoustic instruments.

Tetrode amplifier

Practical view of project of Tetrode amplification. Beam tetrodes... Single ended practical schematic of standard aplifier. Paradigm of amplifiers.

Spare equivalent substitute tubes - valves - Great LIST!

List of equivalent tubes. Closest spare parts to your amp.

Is your amplifier truelly tube amp or only tube amp mixed with transistor circuits

Do manufacturers are OK with words "tube amplifier on chassis" or no. New article about combinations in tube amplifier. Has the tube amplifiers only tube elements or it's more "combination" of elements = transistors integrated circuits, audio processors (ZOOM, Line 6 etc). A review of various guitar amps solutions to rebut the myths and conspiracy theories.

Silencing guitar studio

How to silence your home studio. Absorbing materials and more... more...


Preamplifier is the electronic amp between guitar or effect and power stage works with speakers. Preamp multiples a signal of guitar and transform the impedance to amp recognize the signal and you can feel it.

Guitar Effects

Guitar effects like fuzz and other distort, change, reverse, transform a signal from guitar and put it into a input of power stage, preamp or effects loop of another effect or amp. List of great number of guitar effects Unit having a two, tree or more effects type was named Guitar Processors or Multi-Effect.

Output stages

A power stage works with speakers. Amp transform a signal of preamp or effect to play it on speakers.

Best amps ever

Marshall, Fender, Mesa, Peavey and more create a most popular amps to guitar playing. There you have got a lot of schematics. Rare schematics of East Germany and Polish Amps

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Guitar services in Poland

Guitar service -> link... Got a problem with guitar, send it for the best service in the world: POLAND. A list of the best polish LUTHIERS in the World.

Guitar speakers

Any information from datasheets for guitar speakers best factories!

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